PerKelt – Air and Fire (CD 2019)


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PerKelt studio album 2019



PerKelt studio album recorded in London in 2019, in the line-up consisting of:
Paya Lehane – vocals, recorders, overtone flute, jaw harp, percussion
Steppy Honc – vocals, guitars, shamanic drum, percussion
Duncan Menzies – fiddle, vocals
Dave Maurette – dundun, sangban, kenkeni, cymbals, cajon, triangle, shakers etc…

Songs included:
1) Robin and Parakeet
2) Morana
3) Little Prayer
4) Air and Fire
5) Waterflies

6) Dance of Ghosts
7) I’ll Be Right Back!
8) When the Water is Pure
9) Betrayal

Total playing time 40:54


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