PerKelt – White Wolf CD 2024 (Pre-order)


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Pre-order our latest studio album, White Wolf, released on 26th April 2024.

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PerKelt’s 5th studio album, recorded in London and released on 26th April 2024.

We need to reach 30 sales to help us print these CDs, so we’re asking for your help to generate the pre-orders that will make this possible. As soon as our target is reached, the CDs will be printed and we’ll post yours to you as soon as we receive the stock ♥

We commissioned special artwork, a fancy fold-out case, and lyrics booklet for this one to make it into a beautiful object for the eyes, as well as the ears!


Paya Lehane – recorders, whistles, vocals, percussion
Steppy Honc – vocals, guitar
Duncan Menzies – fiddle
Kaya Le Bonte-Hurst – drums
Ruben Yon’Ton – sliding didgeridoo, percussion, vocals


1. White Wolf
2. Xiantrop
3. Maybe You’ll Get to See the Infamous Grouse
4. Mitote
5. Beltane
6. Free and Alive
7. I am the Peace
8. Last Walk in Lispida


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