CastleFest Collective – Hope Is The Thing With Feathers (2020)


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During the challenging summer 2020 Stepan of PerKelt called to many of his European friends – members of various folk bands – to create a unique album. Later in that year the album of 8 original songs was released, featuring members of PerKelt, FAUN, The Dolmen, Plunder, Pyrolysis, Thunder Crow, SeeD, The Royal Spuds, Harmony Glen, Scrum and many more, in previously unheard line-ups and combinations… to support our favourite festival CastleFest they called themselves “The CastleFest Collective” and all sales go directly to VANA events.

This album contains songs:

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
Fool Me
Where You’ve Never Been
Mr Happy
Now I Am The Sea
Dark Lullaby
Solstice Prayer
Here’s To You

List of artists in alphabetical order:
Adaya (FAUN)
Adrian Borger (former-Waldkauz)
Alana Bennett (Waldkauz)
Alex Nicola (former-Scardust)
Chloé Bakker (Sowulo)
Corné van Woerdekom (Finvarra, Scrum)
Danilo Lupi
Daphyd Sens
David Maurette (PerKelt)
Dominique Bentvelsen (Harmony Glen)
Duncan Menzies (PerKelt, Copper Viper)
Dylan Kerr
Esme Knight
Eveline Verburg (Twigs&Twine)
Gwendolyn Snowdon (Finvarra)
Heleen de Jonge (Sowulo, Risata Kwartet)
Helen Flaherty (Shantalla)
Joe Hennon (SeeD, Shantalla)
Kati Rán (Rán)
Koen van Egmond (SeeD)
Laurens Krah (Pyrolysis, Imbue)
Maarten van Vliet (The Royal Spuds)
Marijn Lammertink
Maryn & Evelyn Sies-van der Horst (Knotenpunkt, Duizel)
Michael Zann (NEMUER)
Milan Boom (The Royal Spuds)
Oliver Satyr (FAUN)
Paya Lehane (PerKelt)
Quentin Maltrud (Le Garçon de l’Automne)
Remy Schreuder
Rick Lehane
Rikke Linssen (Pyrolysis, Sowulo)
Rob van Barschot
Robin Lammertink (Imbue)
Sara (SeeD)
Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij (Harmony Glen)
Steppy Honc (PerKelt)
Taloch Tony Jameson (The Dolmen)
Tim Elfring (Pyrolysis, Imbue, Sowulo)
Tuaq Pijlman (Plunder)
Wouter Kuyper (Wouter en de Draak, BmB)
Yhandros Huergo (Cuélebre)


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