celtic - medieval speed folk discography
Dowry of a Troll Woman 2013
1. Velt Leen

2. Ay Vist Lo Lop

3. The Willow Song

4. Pilgrim

5. Herr Mannelig

6. Quena Festa

7. Tourdion

8. If My Complaints...

9. Santa Maria
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1. Douce Damme Jolie

2. Quen Serve Santa Maria

3. Bertaeyn

4. Nouvel Amor

5. A Virgen Mui...

6. L'Homme Arme

7. Benedetta

8. A Que Por

9. Quen Quer Que
2011 Musica mardania
Review of Musica Mardania
written by Darren Hirst,  a bibliographer of Bob Dylan
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Review of Dowry of a Troll Woman
published on the Medieval Archives, recommends album with 4.5 out of 5 stars!
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